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Who we are
Our personnel are certified through the Alberta College of Paramedics to operate as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). They are equipped for high hazard work and remote locations.
EMR and EMT training and scope-of-practice was developed and is implemented by experienced paramedics. Our team has developed a highly effective support and communications system to ensure the highest levels of response and patient care.
What we do
O'Chiese Safety Services EMR's and EMT's provide medical and first aid support for:
  • Drilling and service rigs
  • Plant construction
  • Plant turnaround
  • Pipeline construction
Our staff is trained in field level risk assessment, hazard assessment, gas detection and lowest explosive level, industrial standard operating procedures, confined space monitoring and respiratory protection.
How we do it
We operate a fleet of state-of-the-art Mobile Treatment Centres (MTC"s). These are all 4x4 units equipped to perform advance life support (including AED) and can hold two injured workers, plus two medical attendants.
Our operations base is on O'Chiese First Nation and serves the surrounding area. All medical, liability and automobile insurance is up to date and can be adjusted according to a company's specific requirements.
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