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Who we are
The O'Chiese Contracting LP Trucking Division is owned and operated by the O'Chiese First Nation and specializes in fluid hauling for the oil and gas industry.
What we do
Fluid hauling is a highly specialized business, which is why all our drivers have their Class 1 license with training in fluid hauling. 
O'Chiese Trucking offers year round pickup of frac water, flowback and production fluids, delivering them safely to main batteries or to sanctioned disposal facilities.
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Our customers can expect top quality service from experienced drivers - we pride ourselves in being on time, reliable and consistent in all we do.
How we do it
The O'Chiese Nation owns and operates the following fluid hauling trucks:
  • 8 Tri-drive Power Units with tridem trailers
  • Body jobs with optional trailers
  • We also have numerous joint venture partners to accommodate all needs
O'Chiese Trucking has floater truck capability - floater tires allow us to get a truck into locations other trucks can't reach due to boggy or muddy ground - so we can operate in almost any situations.
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